May 2003

May 2003   Vol.33 Num.5

Bisbee Underground

Spectacular caverns count among its treasures

by Bob Jones

Leonardo the Mummy Dinosaur

This dinosaur fossil is skin and bones

by Squy and Bea Wallace

Artist Profile: Douglas Magnus

He works with Cerrillos turquoise

by Steve Voynick

Panning Sites along U.S. Highway 90

Texas treasure awaits you

by David and Clois Walker

Agate Collector's Heaven

Mining Mexican Laguna agate

by Pat McMahan

Mucaia: A Modern Gem Mine

This Brazilian mine is in step with the times

by Bob Farrar

Gemology: Learning the Craft

Part V in a series on becoming a gemologist

by Douglas S. Le Grand, G.G.

Mineral Hardness According to Mr. Mohs

Finishing a discussion of the Mohs Scale

by Bob Jones

Synthetic Gem Diamonds

The quality of man-made stones rivals nature's own

by Steve Voynick

Field Trips

Iron Hill Hematite

There's good collecting at this New Mexico site

by Robert Beard


Make a Classic Pendant

Basic black and power red make a versatile ensemble

by Diane Prokop


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