December 2003

December 2003   Vol.33 Num.12

Turquoise Renaissance

This blue gem enjoys renewed popularity

by Bob Jones

The Frugal Collector: Wulfenite

Bright orange specimens spice up your collection

by Bob Jones

Heavenly Lapis Lazuli

It signifies royalty and healing

by Brinda Gill

Build a Lapidary Combo Unit

Getting started in lapidary doesn't have to cost a lot

by Jerry Monfort

Farewell to the Sheepcliff Aquamarine Mine

Another classic collecting site gives way to progress

by Richard J. Jacquot

Artist Profile: Nolan Dean

See his inspired intarsia creations

by Steve Voynick

Period Pieces

Wire wrapped stones are a hit at the Renaissance Faire

by Lynn Varon

Panning Sites along U.S. Highway 441

Great gem and mineral spots in Georgia

by David and Clois Walker

Enhancing Turquoise's Appeal

The Zachery Process means more useful and affordable turquoise

by Steve Voynick

Genesis of a Gem and Mineral Club

A new club reaches its second birthday

by Max A. Hatch

Field Trips

Bluefront Canyon Corundum and Lazulite

Collecting blue minerals in New Mexico

by Robert Beard


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