October 2002

October 2002   Vol.32 Num.10

Precious Opal, Precious Fossils

Every detail preserved with a play of color

by Bob Jones

Slate: A Practical Gem

Attractive and durable metamorphic rock

by William A. Kappele

Salute to Dr. John Sinkankas

Remembering a giant in the hobby

by Bob Jones

Confetti Opal

Matrix opal material from Mexico

by Liz McKay

Lizzadro Museum Jade

A superb collection of hardstone carvings in Elmhurst, Illinois

by Bob Jones

Adventures in Opal Mining

Working claims on British Columbia's Whitesail peninsula

by Randy Lord

New Products

Useful items for any rockhound or lapidary

Guatemalan Jade

Rediscovering lost deposits and art forms

by Steve Voynick

Perfection in Stone

The intricate beauty of pietra dure

by Brinda Gill

Field Trips

Brian Head Agate

Southern Utah is a rockhound's paradise

by Douglas S. Le Grand, G.G.

Royal Rainbow Opal

Digging gemstones in Nevada's Black Rock Desert

by Elselil Philipps


A Pendant with Pizzaz

Bring it to life with Mexican opal

by Diane Prokop


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