November 2002

November 2002 Vol.32 Num.11

Shades of Jade

Carvings in a rainbow of hues

by Bob Jones

Topaz Mountain Gravels

Gem hunting you can do at home

by Jeanette and James Monaco

Days Gone By

Rockhounding holds a lifetime of memories

by Curtis L. Handy

Engineering the Perfect Lap

The newest thing in faceting technology

by Paul T. Ahlstedt

A Display of Light and Stone

Michael Scott's fabulous gemstone collection

by Bob Jones

Tungsten Takes on a New Glow

It's the newest fine-jewelry metal

by Steve Voynick

Paleontologists for a Day

Great finds are made in 24 hours

by Christie Bury

Saving Historical Mining Artifacts

Preserving pieces of Western mining heritage

by Kathleen Connell

The Saga of Cerrillos Turquoise

It's the world's longest continually mined deposit

by Steve Voynick

Field Trips

Fruitville Pike Pseudomorphs

A family-friendly excursion in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

by Robert Beard


Create a Knockout Necklace

A symphony in blues and greens

by Diane Prokop


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