May 2002

May 2002   Vol.32 Num.5


Precious stones form from pressure and heat

by Bob Jones

Wisconsin's Quartz Hill

Precambrian gems sparkle in the North Woods

by Robert Beard

Artist Profile: Neeta Shahani

Colored gemstones add variety and beauty to jewelry

by Brinda Gill

Cost-Saving Studio Tips

Part II: More makeshift lapidary tools

by Diane Prokop

Tanzanite's Link to Terrorism

Who really profits from the sale of this popular blue gem

by Steve Voynick

AGTA Spectrum and Cutting Edge Awards

The industry salutes gem artists

The Saga of Synthetic Gems

Are man-made stones as good as Mother Nature's?

by Bob Jones

Sumpter's Agatized Wood

Finding great samples in Oregon's gold fields

by Banjo Bandolas

Field Trips

Kennicott Copper

Alaska's historic district opens to tourists

by Roger McPherson

Collecting at Crystal Peak

Quartz specimens abound at this California site

by W.E. Budd


Make a Channel Work Bola

Part II: This project can be as easy or as challenging as you make it

by Edwin Elam


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