June 2002

June 2002   Vol.32 Num.6

Minerals of the Great Southwest

Colorful vanadates, arsenates and phosphates

by Bob Jones

Dangerous Mines

Collecting Moroccan vanadinite can be risky

by Bob Jones

Nebraska's Agate Fossil Beds

James H. Cook's ranch is now a national monument

by Ruth Chin

Native Copper

A metal for all ages, from Neolitihic to Information

by Steve Voynick

A Hotbed of Mining

Copper was king in Butte, Montana

by Roger McPherson

Collecting Spheres

One enthusiast's advice and experience

by Jackie Lapin

The Fabulous Quartz Family

It has two forms and infinite applications

by Kenneth H. Rohn

Field Trips

On the Trail of Apache Tears

Everyone has a chance for a pocketful of treasure!

by Sheri Weinberger

Pueblo Park Bytownite

Gathering gem feldspar in New Mexico

by Robert Beard


More Earring for Your Money!

Make these unique Kokopelli figures

by Max Hatch

Hammer a Link Necklace

Fashion this stylish chain to complement your pendants

by Diane Prokop


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