July 2002

July 2002   Vol.32 Num.7
Table of Contents (pdf)


Gold and Silver: The More the Merrier

The price for specimens is on the rise

by Bob Jones

Gold Prospecting: Getting Started

Choose a method that's right for you

by Gail Butler

Panning along the Rio Grande River

12 counties in Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas

by David and Clois Walker

Colonial Silver

Mexico, Bolivia and Peru share a rich mining heritage

by Steve Voynick

Gold Prospecting with Kids

Adventure, history and nature in one family outing

by Gail Butler

The Raft of El Dorado

The most spectacular pre-Columbian gold artifact

by Steve Voynick

"Needle" Minerals

Delicate, but beautiful, collector specimens

by Bob Jones

Cariboo Gold

British Columbia has enjoyed a 140-year rush

by Ellsworth E. Dickson


Hammer a Wire Bracelet

Add this gold-and-cabochon piece to your wardrobe

by Lynn Vogt

Make These Gold Earrings for Your Collection

Gemstones add a unique touch to this stylish accessory

by Diane Prokop


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