February 2002

February 2002 Vol.32 Num.2

The Morden Experience

Collecting vertebrate fossils in Canada (legally)

by Kenneth H. Rohn

The Remarkable Minerals of Tsumeb

Quite possibly the world's greatest mineral deposit

by Bob Jones

Artist Profile: Gabrielle Winer

An up-and-coming jeweler got her start at Quartzsite

by Lynn Varon

The Gems of Africa

A treasure chest of bright stones from the Dark Continent

by Bob Jones

The Future of Leadville, Colorado

A metal-mining district turns to tourism

by Steve Voynick

The Town Built on Uranium

Moab owes its success to this controversial mineral

by Roger McPherson

Enjoying Jasper

This common gem material is anything but dull

by Curtis L. Handy

Field Trips

Scepters at Treasure Mountain

A New York collecting site yields unusual Herkimer diamond specimens

by Michael Walter

Little Hatchet Mountains Turquoise

Run to the border for a wealth of collecting opportunities

by Robert Beard


Create a Sterling and Pearl Pendant

Freshwater gems fit this silver frame like peas in a pod

by Diane Prokop

Make an Inlay Objet d'Art

Create this decorative piece to display in your home

by Max A. Hatch


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