December 2002

December 2002   Vol.32 Num.12

Panning Sites along U.S. Highway 101

Gold and gemstones from California to Washington

by David and Clois Walker

Inner Space Cavern

Get an insider's look at the forces of nature

by William L. Rader

Healing Crazed Opal

Fascinating developments bring hope to opal lovers

by Barbara McCondra

Scattering Seeds

Ventura County clubs sow the seeds of interest

by Lynn Varon

Learning about Diamonds

Insights into the lovely carbon gem

by Murray Eiland


They're the source of colorful secondary minerals

by Bob Jones

The Myths of the Mines

Mining culture has its own set of folklore

by Steve Voynick

The Utilitarian Precious Metal

Silver's many uses make it the metal of the masses

by Bill Evans

Shades of Faberge

Color and creativity give this jewelry its value

by Bob Jones

Rock Shop Spotlight: The Rock Hut

A little shop of mineral wonders in Leadville, Nevada

by Steve Voynick

Field Trips

Nuts about Nut Mountain

Collecting rhyolite rounds in northwestern Nevada

by Mary E. Garatti


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