August 2002

August 2002   Vol.32 Num.8
Table of Contents (pdf)


North Carolina Emerald Strike!

Rich green gems are here in abundance

by Bob Jones

The Colorful History of Alexandrite

Russia's signature stone has a fascinating past

by Yuliya Korchevskaya

Rock Shop Spotlight

This Northern California rock shop is worth a visit

by Roger McPherson

Get into Lapidary

Lapidary clubs in the Western and Southern U.S.

My Greenbrier Agate Adventure

Finding serendipity in West Virginia

by Dorothy S. Sites

Mints Coin New Jewelry Lines

Designer collections from the kings of currency

The Rice Northwest Museum

An excellent West Coast lapidary collection

by Bob Jones

Is Silver Still Precious?

The white metal's value drops with its price

by Steve Voynick

Colorado's Gemstones

The Centennial State boasts a rainbow of precious stones

by Steve Voynick

Field Trips

Victorio Mountains Beryl

Crystal hunting in the New Mexico hills

by Robert Beard


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