November 2001

November 2001   Vol.31 Num.11

Upgrade Your Rock Saw

Save money by converting old equipment

by John Braden

The Jewelry of Jesse Monongye

Imagination and innovation keep him at the top of his profession

by Lynn Varon

The Town Too Tough to Die

Helldorado Days in the historic mining town of Tombstone

by Roger McPherson

Germany's Fossil Showcase

Frankfurt's natural history museum displays rare treasures

by Murray Eiland

Exploring the Mineral Wealth of Canada

Our neighbor to the north has plenty of collecting opportunities

by Bob Jones

Farewell to the Homestake

A gold mine calls it quits after 125 years

by Steve Voynick

Earl Ellifritz's Rock Museum

A rockhound shares his collection

by Dorothy S. Sites

The Many Varieties of Feldspar

Part I: So many varieties, we can't cover them all in one article

by Bob Jones

The Minerals of Austin, Texas

Urban development uncovers new collecting sites

by William L. Rader

Field Trips

The Fossils of Lake Champlain

Collecting marine fossils from an ancient inland sea

by Ken Aiken

Prospect Park Kyanite

Rock collecting in urban Philadelphia

by Robert Beard


Make a Wire Wrap Pendant

Mount a favorite stone without faceting skills

by Diane Prokop


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