May 2001

May 2001 Vol.31 Num.5

The Lapidary's Favorite Gemstone

Why agate is the stone of choice

by Bob Jones

Inside the World's Biggest Geode

Spain boasts the largest one ever found

by Steve Voynick and Dr. Javier Garcia-Guinea

Uncovering Colorful Agatized Wood

Treasures of Utah's Yellow Cat District

by Ray M. Tibbetts

Black Glass

Obsidian's uses through the ages

by Bob Jones

Working Montana Agate

From the book "The River Runs North," by Tom Harmon

Field Trips

Clanton Draw Geodes

Good pickings in New Mexico's Peloncillo Mountains

by Robert Beard

Diggin' at the Wild Deuce

A Missouri geode mine draws collectors from all over the world

by Sherry Maves

The Search for Fire Agate

Eight Arizona collecting sites

by Sheri Weinberger

Nephrite and Agate on the Overland Trail

Collecting in Wyoming's Green Mountains

by Kenneth H. Rohn


Creating an Heirloom with Agates

Tiffany-style lampshades you can make

by Don Van Dyke

Easy Gemstone Bead Earrings

The possibilities are endless

by Judy Atwell


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