March 2001

March 2001 Vol.31 Num.3

Russian Gems Shine in Tucson

Tucson show has an international theme

by Bob Jones

The Stone Flower

The history and mythology of Russian malachite

by Yuliya Korchevskaya

Book Review

Two picks for your reading pleasure

by Bob Jones

Deming's Desert Destinations

Four fantastic southern New Mexico field trips

by Craig Uhlig

Silver State Garnets

Rockpicking in southern Nevada

by Lance Strong

Masters of Stone

Intarsia artists get some well-deserved publicity

by Lynn Varon

Minerals and the Arts

How minerals colored the ancient world

by Bob Jones

A Living Fossil

Scientists match fossil remains to their living counterpart

by Murray Eiland

California's Most Productive Gold Mines

Hydraulic mining in Grass Valley and Nevada City

by Roger McPherson

Nevada's Elusive "Ghost" Gem

A 10-year search uncovers rare chatoyant jade

by Steve Voynick


Easy Jade Pendant

A setting to fit allyour free-form cabs

by Leroy Anderson

Discovering a Lost Art Form

Part I of a lesson in intarsia

by Conrad Grundke


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