June 2001

June 2001 Vol.31 Num.6

Ancient Microworlds

Close-up photos reveal a world of color in fossils

by Lynn Varon

Internet Gems

Check out these Web sites for rockhounds and lapidaries

by Lynn Varon

Rock Shopping

The adventure begins with a stop at a rock shop

by Roger McPherson

The Mystery of Biconoids

How much do you know about these odd agate formations?

by Bea and Sherm Griselle

A Walk with Dinosaurs

Clayton Lake State Park preserves dinosaur footprints

by Steve Voynick

The Prized Peridot

Gem olivene is a favorite for jewelry

by Bob Jones

Arizona Copper Cities

The mining legacies of Globe, Superior and Miami

by Roger McPherson

The Elusive Element

Zinc minerals make a colorful collection

by Bob Jones

Field Trips

New Mexico Moonstone

Gem feldspar is yours for the picking

by Robert Beard

Emerald Creek Star Garnets

Dig your own Idaho gemstones

by Kenneth H. Rohn

Rockhounding in the Keystone State

Take a mineral tour of south central Pennsylvania

by Sandra Downs


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