January 2001

January 2001 Vol.31 Num.1

The Smart Gold Prospector

Clever gold-seeking gadgets you can build

by Kathleen Connell

Gold in the Northwest

The Rice Museum acquires a new collection

by Bob Jones

The Old and New USGS

The changing roles of grand old agency

by Roger McPherson

Third-World Gold Rush

Today's richest discoveries are in some of the poorest nations

by Steve Voynick

Bountiful Flatwillow Creek Valley

Chalcedony nodules from an ancient sea floor

by Kenneth H. Rohn

Ultimate Gold

It's an international jewelry favorite

by Lynn Varon

Discovering Death Valley

Gold seekers strike it rich--in borate minerals!

by Bob Jones

Three Bisbee Beauties

A trio of colorful copper oxides

by Sheri Weinberger

Collecting Close to Home

A rockhound discovers collecting sites in his own neighborhood

by Richard Koontz

Make an Apache Turquoise Necklace

From rough rock to jewelry

by Max A. Hatch

Colorado's Topaz Mountain Gem Mine

A gemstone bonanza in the Tarryall Mountains

by Steve Voynick

Boom and Bust

The historical mining towns of Austin and Eureka, Nevada

by Roger McPherson


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