February 2001

February 2001 Vol.31 Num.2

The Quartzsite Experience

Get ready for the rockhound's event of the year

by Bill Evans

Hi Jolly's Last Campsite

How Quartzsite got its mascot

by Bill Evans

First Look at a Cave of Dreams

A sneak peek at Mexico's magnificent new discovery

by Bob Jones

A Rockhound's Paradise

Great collecting sites in British Columbia

by Thomas Langley-Smith

Adventures of a Mining Reporter

On the trail of new mineral discoveries

by Ellsworth E. Dickson

Faberge Comes to Tucson

See why he's the crown prince of lapidary art

by Bob Jones

Working with Black Opal

A master cutter shares secrets from his book

by Gred Pardey

Black Hills Pegmatites

Rare minerals in the igneous rocks of South Dakota

by Roger McPherson

Field Trips

Winter Crystals

Hunting quartz and diamonds in Arkansas

by Ben and Scott Schlarbaum

Pennsylvania Pyromorphite

An old mining district still yields good specimens

by Robert Beard

Ventura County Opal

Another reason to visit the Reagan Library

by William L. Rader


Faceting a French-Cut Sunstone

A beginner's guide to cutting a brilliant gemstone

by Dean Crane


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