September 2000

September 2000   Vol.30 Num.9
Table of Contents (pdf)


Seascapes and Fossils

A fossil collector picks up the leaving of a dried-up Devonian sea

by Kenneth H. Rohn

The Fossils of Ashfall

These volcanic ash fossil beds are a paleontologist's dream

by Steve Voynick

She Paints Rocks

One painter finds rocks a fascinating subject

by Patti Polk

The Fight for Fossils

High-tech paleontology leaves amateur fossil collectors in the dust

by Steve Voynick

Trilobite: The Index Fossil

These Cambrian critters help paleontologists date rock formations

by Bob Jones

Clinker Shale Fossils

Burned-out coal beds produce some uniquely colored shale fossils

by Sam and Ruth Kirkby

Ironwood: The Lapidary's Friend

This hard-to-find wood can be worked into objects of rare beauty

by Bob Jones

Sumas Mountain Fossils

Two different mountains, but the same fire clay and fossil composition

by Peter Thorne

The Case for Self-Collected Fossils

Do self-collectors get a fair shake from rock show judges?

by Joy Hutchins

Rock Art in the Digital Age

Turn your fossil specimens into artwork using your scanner

by Terrell William Proctor

Crazy Calcites

These crystals never learned geometry

by Bob Jones

Deconstructing Skarns

These tungsten mines are equally famous for their skarns

by Roger McPherson

Field Trips

Pennsylvania's Icy Blue Celestite

Collectors get good pickings at the Meckley Quarry open house

by Sandra Downs


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