March 2000

March 2000   Vol.30 Num.3
Table of Contents (pdf)


Gems of Brazil

Minerals of South America, part II

by Bob Jones

Collecting the Best of Brazil

Keith Proctor discusses his famous collection

by Steve Voynick

Enjoying Tucson

The enchanting Sonoran Desert has much to offer

by Bob Jones

Commercial Cabochons

The things one can learn from a catalog!

by Lee Martin

U.S. Basin

Southwestern Colorado offers picturesque localities

by William A. Kappele

Are You a Trogloxene?

You are if you visit caves

by Sheri Weinberger

Taxes and the Rockhound

What rockhounds should know before April 15

by Mark Battersby

Mother Nature Moves Indoors

Natural items can decorate homes and offices

by Bob Jones

Copper in Paradise

A Greek isle to die for

by Sandra Downs

Rockhound Roundup

Deming, New Mexico, club conducts great field trips

by Craig Uhlig

Peanut Wood

Beautiful Australian fossil wood was once worm habitat

by Barbara McCondra

Field Trips

In Search of the Fabled Fairy Stones

Ascribe to myth or mythology--they're still a delight

by Bob Alexander


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