January 2000

January 2000 Vol.30 Num.1
Table of Contents (pdf)


The Sixteen to One Mine

Underground at a legendary gold producer

by Bob Jones

Bread and Butter Placer Mining

To find gold, here's what you need and where to get it

by James E. Mulkey

A Tale of Two Carvers

One artist sees freeforms, the other nature scenes

by Bob Jones

Gold Bounces Back

The mining industry adjusts to world gold prices

by Steve Voynick

Gold Bacteria

Scientific proof that bacteria cause gold to collect and grow

by Barbara McCondra

Make Your Tools Glow

Find your rock collecting gear, even in the dark

by Lita R. Gharet-Smith

Knots from Ancient Forests

Cutting fossil wood knots reveals surprising beauty

by Ruth Kirkby

The Homestake Mine and Deadwood

A restored, historic town atop a gold mine!

by Roger McPherson

Low-Cost Tumbling

Get into a new phase of the hobby on a shoestring

by Malcolm Yaffe

Prospecting and Collecting at Old Mine Sites

An expert tells all her secrets for finding gold

by Gail Butler

Index to Rock & Gem, Vol. 29

January through December 1999

Treasure at Four Peaks

Inaccessible, privately owned mine yields deep purple amethyst

by Ed Davis

A Goldsmith's New Approach to Diamonds

This jeweler's passion: the beauty of natural diamond crystals

by Todd Reed


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