October 1998

October 1998 Vol.28 Num.10
Table of Contents (pdf)


Romancing the Opal

There's no need to go to Australia to get in on the adventure

by James E. Mulkey

The OPAL Challenge

The stuff of which lapidaries' dreams are made

by Barbara McCondra

Queretaro Opal

Add some "sun-on-raindrops" stones to your collection

by Bob Jones


Common opal with colors whose names whet the appetite

by Barbara McCondra

Saving the Honduras Black-Matrix Opal

Special handling and patience enable you to polish this material

by Tony Dabdoub

Revisiting the Comstock

Behind Gold Hill, minerals and ghosts await!

by Roger McPherson

The Art of Dopping Up

A review of the characteristics of dopping adhesives

by Gerald L. Wykoff

Carlsbad Caverns

Tour the breathtaking beauty that endures underground

by Bob Jones

El Nino's Golden Legacy

Gold prospectors "mop up" after too much rain and snow

by James E. Mulkey

Field Trips

Glen Avon Quarry

A rockhounder's paradise of abundant varieties and country air

by Sam and Ruth Kirkby


A Lesson in Channel Work

With time and patience, the author captures a roadrunner

by Max A. Hatch


All the good reasons for casting with steam pressure

by Mel Williams


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