May 1998

May 1998   Vol.28 Num.5
Table of Contents (pdf)


The Father of Us All

An interview with John Sinkankas

by Alicia Morris

Wealth of Bisbee

A rainbow of copper minerals

by Bob Jones

The Mysteries of Meerschaum

Why pipe smokers cherish this mineral

by Steve Voynick

Early Man Site

A California locale where they dig up the past

by Norma and Skip Ingalls

A Cat's-Eye Surprise

This piece of rough had a twinkle in its eye

by Michael White and Rebecca Morgan

Faceting by Hand

Taking your work with you

by Bob Jones

The Challenges of Faceting

Information for innovation

by Gerald L. Wykoff, GG, CSM

Dopping Made Easy

"Hot-and-cold" dopping makes faceting easier

by Gloria Chowla

Capturing Micromounts

Make your collection larger than life!

by Claytor W. Allred

Think Small

Micromounts leave room for your collection to grow

by H. William Meinert

Field Trips

Deep in Nevada

Covering hidden bases in a favored rockhounding state

by Rick Crippen

Lake Superior's North Shore

The bounty of Minnesota's coast

by Kenneth H. Rohn


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