April 1998

April 1998 Vol.28 Num.4
Table of Contents (pdf)


The Diamond Saga

Loved for its history as well as its brilliance

by Bob Jones

Tribal Tribute

Carving out an ancestral tradition

by West Spalding

The Nature of Diamonds

From rough origins to sparkly gems

by Dorothy Stripp

New Ideas for the Lapidary

Challenge your patience and your skills!

by Bob Jones

Jack and the Boomtown

The small discovery that put Aurora on the map

by Gary Presley

State of the Hobby

Changing with the times

by Alicia Morris

Where to Find It

A resource for the hobbyist

by Marlena Collier-Migacz

The Challenges of Gem Polishing

Tips for a grueling task

by Gerald L. Wykoff, GG, CSM

Roughing It

How to find good cutting material

by James E. Mulkey

Field Trips

Out from Colorado Springs

So many sites, so little time!

by William A. Kappele

The Lure of Diamond Rock

A New York site features minerals and myth

by Patrick Tucci


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