Thursday, January 17, 2019
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Earth Science In the News: Anak Krakatau, Asteroids, Mammalian Cousin

By Jim Brace-Thompson Disaster Rocks Indonesia Yet Again I reported on Indonesia many times in 2018. Still, Earth processes around the “Ring of Fire” show no...
Yellowstone River in Paradise Valley

Earth Science In the News: Paradise Valley, Pompeii, and Prehistoric Teeth

By Jim Brace-Thompson Paradise Valley to Remain a Paradise for Now Despite the Gold There’s gold in ‘them-thar hills,’ the hills in question being 30,000 acres...
Kilauea volcano, Hawaii

Earth Science in the News: Hawaiian volcano and Dust on Mars

By Jim Brace-Thompson Although news reports out of Hawaii have grown sparse, Kilauea has been declared one of the biggest eruptions in modern history. Kilauea has...