Thursday, January 17, 2019
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Yellowstone River in Paradise Valley

Earth Science In the News: Paradise Valley, Pompeii, and Prehistoric Teeth

By Jim Brace-Thompson Paradise Valley to Remain a Paradise for Now Despite the Gold There’s gold in ‘them-thar hills,’ the hills in question being 30,000 acres...
Specimen with secondary coating of druze quartz

Manakarra Grape Agate: New Botryoidal Material

Story by Jim Landon In 2016, I started to see Facebook posts of two unique materials that were coming out of Indonesia. One was really...
Small-scale gold mining

Old Mining Law in a New Era

Story and Photos by Steve Voynick In August 2015, one of the West’s thousands of old, inactive metal mines made national headlines—and not in...
Red Mountains of Colorado

On The Rocks: Colorado Mine Camp Lore

By Bob Jones While in Denver enjoying the excellent shows, I hope you have planned extra time so you can do some sightseeing in Colorado....

Mining And Learning On the Move

By Antoinette Rahn “Ya got to get your hands down in there. Mining is dirty business, ya know.” This gem of truth is something Jim Wines,...
Sharp Chalcopyrite crystals

Chalcocite Crystals of Bristol Copper Mines

Editor's Note: This is the first in a two-part series about the copper mines of Bristol, Connecticut. Story by Bob Jones Although many mineral collectors...