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Calcite — Twins and Other Oddities

By Bob Jones Is there a mineral collection lacking at least one spectacular calcite? I doubt it. After all, this lovely calcium carbonate is found...

A Formation without Explanation: Pseudocubic Quartz and Keokuk Geodes

Story and Photos by Jordan D. Marché II Over the past few years, I’ve become increasingly aware of an unusual type of mineralization that occurs...

A Tale of Two Blue Barites

By Mark Leatherman Barite has got to be one of my favorite minerals to collect for a variety of reasons: 1) its unique heft for...

Summer Rockhounding: Find Metamorphic Minerals along Utah’s Skyline Drive

Story and Photos by Alice Sikorski When the summer heat sets in and you want to go rockhounding, what’s a person to do? In the...
Red clay Permian

Moroccan Aragonite: Specimens by the Millions

Story and Photos by Bob Farrar Mention Morocco to a rockhound, and it is likely to bring to mind visions of exotic, rare, and beautiful...

Issue Highlights: October 2018

The October issue of Rock & Gem takes us to many fascinating places, both above and below ground. • Argentina's Banded Rhodochrosite: Centuries of Precipitation and...