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Australian Outback Field Trip



Story by Ian Bone

My childhood spent fossicking at Central Queensland gemstone locations, particularly in the sapphire fields of Central Queensland, has inspired me to develop an Aussie Outback Gem, Mineral and Fossil field trip. I always thought that the gem locations of Central Queensland were special places and that it would give me considerable pleasure to share my experiences of visiting these places with international visitors. My local knowledge of the people and places enabled me to bring the idea to fruition.

About 18 months ago when I was in South Florida (I’ve been involved the yachting industry in Fort Lauderdale for the last five years), the idea really gained momentum. I’m a member of the Florida Gold Coast Gem & Mineral Society in Fort Lauderdale, and club members often asked me what the gem and mineral fields were like.

Planning got underway to develop an opportunity for like-minded folks to travel to Australia and undertake a field trip to the Central Queensland area, visiting the region’s gem, mineral and fossil locations.

For the full article, see the June 2016 issue.



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